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FEMA (Farm Equipment & Machinery Accessories) is proud to partner in SHW’s long tradition of product quality as their North American distributor. SHW is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of bale spears.


SHW manufactures the hardest working bale spears period.

If anyone says otherwise, tell them where to find me.

C1. Conus I.

The Conus One (C1) spears by SHW are fully forged, heat treated and straightened by hand. These spears are inspected under the most rigorous conditions to ensure the highest level of quality. The C1 spear by SHW can be found on all types of popular farming equipment and machinery accessories.  This spear can also be found in mining and scraping equipment as a Grizzly Finger. This includes tractors and skid steer loaders by John Deere & Caterpillar and Kolberg-Pioneer screens.  Whether it’s an attachment or implement, used or new, the SHW spear is built to work.

C2. Conus II.

The Conus Two (C2) spear is the big brother to the Conus 1. With a larger diameter at the base of the spear near the sleeve, this spear can do all the jobs of the C1 and then some. The larger diameter makes the C2 stronger than the C1.  The C2 spear is typically used to pick up and carry larger round bales and the 49″ spear is one of the most common spears sold world wide. If you need to move hay to feed your livestock, or you have hay for sale, you need SHW’s C2 spear from FEMA.

C3. Conus III.

The Conus Three (C3) is the grand daddy of all SHW spears. As tractors get bigger and horsepower is improved, bale spears need to work under the stress of all this power. Looking for an upgrade to your equipment, SHW’s C3 turns your tractor into a piece of heavy machinery. Few customers are using the C3 but it’s popularity is growing. The C3 spear is stronger than the C2 and can handle all the same jobs.

Conus Sleeves

FEMA provides sleeves (collars,bushings) for any of the spears we sell. All sleeves are sold individually and separate from the spears. Don’t forget to order the sleeve for your spear. We have you covered.

Conus NUTS

FEMA also supplies replacement nuts. All nuts are conic to create a tight fit between the spear and the sleeve. See torque specifications in the SHW catalog for proper installation and replacement.


FEMA is proud to distribute high quality pallet forks. Tractor, skid steer or any other type of equipment, FEMA carries all the standard sizes ready to ship wherever you are.


See the capacity chart below to determine what fork you need.

CL2. ITA CL2 Rail Style Forks

The Class 2 (CL2) forks are the most common forks found on skid steer loaders and small tractors. These forks mount to the top and bottom rails that are part of the attachment. CL2 forks meet all ITA mandated specifications for hook spacing and fit ITA specified frames. For information and to determine what fork you need, look at the ITA fork drawing.  No matter what brand of attachment you have, if it is rail style, the FEMA fork will fit. These forks have a pin type locking mechanism so the forks do not move freely across the rail. We carry these forks in 1 ¼”, 1 ½”  and 1 3/4 "  thicknesses, depending on the capacity you require. The most popular length is 48”, but we also have

 42”, 60", 72" and 96"  lengths.

SMF. Shaft Mounted Forks

Shaft Mounted Forks are made with a different type of mounting mechanism. These forks have a tube welded to the top or back of the fork. They mount to an attachment utilizing a solid round bar that is part of the frame. The round bar fits through the tube welded to the fork. These forks are not nearly as popular but they do add a level of propriety to the attachment manufacturer. Shaft Mounted Forks are made to order.

BF. Blank Forks

Blank Forks are for those of you who want to make your own mounting mechanism. There are no mounting hooks or tubes on this fork. These forks have the same capacity as any other fork of the same thickness and width, they just don’t have the mounting attachment; That is your part. These are the same forks we use to make the shaft forks mentioned above. If you want to do your own welding, this is your fork.

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